Along the Hudson on the Greenway

Sometimes I forget that Manhattan is an island. This is because I rarely see the water. I live less than a mile from water, and I have not yet walked down to see what it looks like by me, because I’m pretty sure it’s not pretty.

But that’s just near me! Plenty of New York is surrounded by beautiful water, and the closest I usually get to it is a few moments look as my train goes over the bridge on my commute. This is a shame.

Last summer I discovered the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, and while I haven’t taken advantage of it nearly often enough, I’m glad to know it’s there. According to Wikipedia the Greenway is 32 miles long. The part I’m most familiar with runs along the Hudson, and all along this cyclist/pedestrian path you can find green spaces that face the Hudson River.
There are parks, there are piers—there’s even the Frying Pan (pictured at left), an outdoor bar made up of a couple of old boats. Because the Hudson is on the west side of the city, it’s the perfect place to watch a sunset. I once walked from Battery Park, at the tip of Manhattan, all the way up to the Frying Pan at W. 26th Street with a friend, and every bit of the walk was beautiful. I biked all the way up to Riverside Park last summer, and the view from up there was just as gorgeous.
I already expressed my love of the Hudson when talking about the view from the train, but along the Greenway you are right beside the water. Visiting can include a long walk from the subway, but hopping on a bus is always an option. If you have free time while you’re on the west side some day, or you’re wandering the city with no destination in mind, consider walking west till you hit the water. You won’t be disappointed.

Has anyone checked out other parts of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway? What are your favorite bits? I think I’m going to have to start posting about indoor things soon—if anyone has suggestions of places off the beaten path to check out, let me know!

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