Winter weather

In my hometown in western New York, we have a saying: If you don’t like the weather, wait twenty minutes. It’s pretty apt in a town where one April we had 80 degree days, followed by a late snowstorm.

One day last April, here in NYC, I walked six blocks from work to a coffee shop, in rain that turned to snow that turned to rain that turned to snow that turned to rain. I know intellectually that this can happen when the temperature hovers right around freezing, but this was a pretty dramatic demonstration of it.

Last week, we had a snow storm. Sunday or Monday we had some kind of rain (I was holed up sick in my apartment for most of it, but the snow is gone and I’m pretty sure rain was involved). Today it was about ten degrees out and there was something called a polar vortex. This Saturday it’s supposed to be fifty degrees and rain.
It will take longer than twenty minutes, but a forty-degree jump in temperature in one week seems pretty drastic. I’m totally blaming my illness on the weather, because, seriously, our bodies are not meant for this.
At least the days are getting longer. According to this handy site, by the end of the month the sun will still be up when we leave work! Well, if we leave work at 5 p.m., we’ll be out in time to see the sun set twelve minutes later. But still, progress! Only seventy-one days till spring.
Anyone have weather stories to share?

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