Where to find cheese, or, blogging while eating

Much like my pizza post from a few weeks ago, this blog comes sponsored by Sarah is Hungry (and has done nothing post-worthy this week), though this time I am actually at my kitchen table snacking on apples and cheese while typing this. Oh, more apple left? Guess I’ll have to eat some more cheese with it…

I am a person of fairly simple (read: picky) tastes, but I’ve always been a fan of one kind of cheese or another. In elementary school and middle school, mozzarella was my favorite. Swiss and Lorraine (like Swiss, only more delicate and stinkier) came into play later on, and cheddar was just… there. I can’t remember when I started liking it, but I do know that soon after moving to New York, I developed an addiction.

It was an addiction to Kraft’s orange sharp or extra sharp cheddar. I could polish off half – well, way more cheese than is probably healthy in one day – without any trouble. But sometime in the last two years, I slowly made the transition to white cheddar, and from there it was a slippery, delicious slope to cheese that costs $9.99 a pound.

Not like that’s what I’m eating right now or anything.

Union Market in Park Slope is one of my go-to places for fancy cheese – fancy groceries of any kind, really – but I found my favorite cheddar at Gristedes on Mercer Street in Manhattan – it has bad Google reviews, but it stocks Adam’s Reserve cheddar, which is ridiculously delicious.

Where do you all shop for your favorite cheese, or whatever your guilty snacking pleasure happens to be?


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