We Used to be Friends: The Veronica Mars movie

I was trying to decide what to write about and I looked back on Facebook to see what I was posting about at this time last year in case it could offer any inspiration. Guess what I was talking about. The Veronica Mars Kickstarter!

I got into the show after it’d already been canceled, so I was able to watch is more or less all in one go. Quirky mystery shows are one of my weaknesses (from Joan of Arcadiaand Pushing Daisies to current day Castle, Sherlock, and even Once Upon a Time, which has some mystery elements), so of course I was going to donate to the Kickstarter!

I donated, spent a Saturday at a friend’s apartment watching highlights from Season One in celebration, and then settled down for a year’s wait. I skimmed the Kickstarter emails that backers got periodically and read articles about the movie as they came up, and then last Friday the movie came out. I skipped seeing it in the theater, opting instead for a relaxing gathering with friends and pie – perfect for 3/14. We’d gotten our download codes earlier in the day, but due to issues with Flixster we ended up watching a not-quite-legal version. The next morning I downloaded Flixster – and the movie – without any problems, so I’m pleased.

There are a million movie reviews out there, so I won’t go into specifics about the film, but I will say that I enjoyed every minute of it, loved every reference to the show, and thought overall that it was a lot of fun! Was it the best mystery plot in the history of Veronica Mars? No – but the best ones had whole seasons to develop, so can you blame them?

I hope the movie does well. I’d love a sequel, or even better, a new series. But more important than the consequences for the show are the consequences for the industry as a whole. The Kickstarter model isn’t perfect, but if it allows fans to support the creation of content they love and crave more of, that’s pretty cool!

What’d you think of the film, if you’ve seen it? And what projects would you Kickstart to see on the big screen?


2 thoughts on “We Used to be Friends: The Veronica Mars movie

  1. We're practically getting a sequel if you count the books in that way, which you should. Also if you didn't know it, there's a book out!! 😀 I read it really fast and it was fantastic. Now just have to wait for more…


  2. I haven't gotten the book yet, I need to! I've heard good things, though it sounds like it would've been even better in first person, did you feel that way?


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